Indiana Jones 4 – News and the official site


Maybe at Christmas time you look forward to your Christmas dinner, or maybe what you’re actually waiting for is those Christmas re-runs of Indiana Jones. They always seem to be on the TV (less since they released the DVD boxset,) which isn’t a bad thing as the movies are pretty good entertainment. Well if you feel this way, your wait for a sequel is almost over, the Fourth and long awaited Indiana Jones movie is due out around the world on the 22nd May 2008, and everyone’s favorite ancient treasure hunter is back.

Harrison Ford is back as Indiana Jones of course, with the only other surviving character from the previous 3 films being Karen Allen who played Marion Ravenwood in Raider of the lost Ark. The newcomers to the cast are Cate Blanchett who takes the Leading Lady role, Support comes from Ray Winstone and Shia Lebouf. Spielberg and Lucas are both involved again and shooting began in June 2007, and we are expecting some trailer/preview footage around November time this year.

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