Hellboy 2, Saw 4 & Beowulf – Posted


This week we go from comic book sequel to horror movie no 4 in the Saw franchise and end up on a 3d blockbuster based on the Beowulf and Grendel Fable. So a nice mix of posters with a good variety of styles.

First up we have the very early Hellboy 2 poster which is graphic and true to the original comic book design, just a teaser to let you know its coming. Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro is back to direct the sequel to the first movie, as well as writing it with Mike Mingola. Del Toro regular Ron Perlman is back as the giant red Hellboy with a serious attitude. Its only an early poster so we shouldn’t expect to much, I completely forgot what the original Hellboy poster was like so it will be interesting to see if they follow suit on the second movie.

The Saw franchise goes from strength to strength satisfying the current gap in the market for a long running horror series, with a brand that is bigger than any of the movies stars involved. Darren Lynn Bousman is back as the director from Saw Two and Saw three so you should have a good idea of what to expect with this.

Last up is Beowulf, the big Hollywood re-telling of the apparently well known poem/fable. The Hollywood machine is turning this one out and it looks so slick, with the tried and tested poster style that appeals to the broadest market, no surprise really, seeing who’s on board with this movie. As far as the story goes depending on where you live you may well know nothing about this story but it’s an olden style tale with a solid amount of moral values about it, it explores loyalty, prejudice, friendship and so many other things it definitely has movie potential.

Last year we saw Gerard Butler star in Beowulf and Grendel, a telling of this poem/fable which was by all accounts a cult hit, and while no where near the mass market version we have here, it was a solid affair, well acted and pretty involving. How these two compare will be interesting to see. The upcoming Beowulf has some big names involved with Neil Gaimen adapting the screenplay and Robert Zemeckis directing. There is a lot more to talk about with this movie, including the 3d version that will be available in certain theatres, but we’ll leave this for another time.

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