Five Killers – Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in Upcoming Action Comedy


Five Killers features Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher starring as a newlywed couple who find that their neighbours and friends may actually be assassins trying to kill them.  Katherine Heigl plays Jen Kornfeldt and Ashton Kutcher plays Spencer Aimes who hasn’t told his new wife Jen that he was actually used to be an assassin himself.  This all leads to lots of stress and drama on their new marriage and the couple decide the only way to go is to team up and take on the killers after them.

Five Killers has the premise for a fun action comedy, and assassins and comedy have gone together in the past for a successful recipe, think Grosse Point Blank, which managed to bring together the funnier sides of what is a pretty shady business.  Directing Five Killers is Robert Luketic who is no stranger to comedies having directed the very successful Legally Blonde and most recently The Ugly  Truth which also starred Heigl.



Five Killers is being distributed by Lionsgate and is due out early June 2010.