Cowboy Bebop Live action movie on the way


One of mine, and many other people’s favourite anime series Cowboy Bebop is reported to be making its way into a live action big screen movie. Cowboy Bebop was an anime show that had appeal outside the hardcore fans, it was well written, funny, it had interesting character dynamics and a killer soundtrack. Hence the Bebop is now very popular and is a giant hit all over the world, this means that like other crossover anime hits of recent times its due to be made into a big screen movie starrring ‘gasp’ real people.

First showing reported on this a while ago and they actualy talked about some of the concerns that i have with adapting a series like Cowboy Bebop. I personally love this show, and really cant imagine them being able to do a better job than the existing series and the animated movie. So why actually bother to try and get it done, really it comes down to money for the studios tapping into existing fanbases. So my fear really is that they will produce a watered down, quite bad movie adaptation that fails to live up to the existing fans expectations.

However that is me being really negative and really Cowboy Bebop the live action movie could be awsome, with the right director and visual co-ordination it could be great. However in reality it probably wont be, history has shown us that animated adaptations arent all that great, its a different medium than translating direct from a comic book. In my opinion the ‘already slated for adaptation’ Akira is a much better movie to bring to the big screen. It’s already much more cinematic and dark, the visual style of Bebop doesnt appear to lend itself as well to being translated, but only time will tell on this one, and maybe im just biased because I prefer the Cowboy Bebop to Akira?