Bond 22 is no more, now – The Quantum of Solace


I’m not sure what I think of it yet, and it’s not your typical Bond movie title but the Quantum of Solace is, well, it’s original at least. As has been reported earlier the Quantum of Solace is going to be a direct sequel to Casino Royale, and it’s definitely a better title than Bond 22.

Guardian Unlimited reported that the movie title actually comes from a short story in the For Your Eyes Only collection, the film however will not be following that short story which is thankful as it doesn’t sound all that interesting. The Quantum of Solace is only 3 weeks into its shooting so there is still a while to wait, but its already turning out to be one of the hotly anticipated movies of 2008.

The Quantum of Solace will see Bond travelling to a variety of destinations, from Austria to Italy and South America. After an interrogation Bond and M learn that the organisation that was blackmailing Vesper is highly dangerous and as Bond travels to Haiti he meets Camille played by Olga Kurlenko who also has unfinished business to resolve. On the journey to avenge what happened to Vesper, James Bond uncovers conspiracies to overthrow regimes in Latin America. With traitors inside MI6 and the involvement of the CIA. Quantum of Solace looks like its going to be packing a lot in its story.