Alien Prequel is on it’s way, Ridley Scott Onboard


Good news for you Alien fans, with news that Ridley Scott has an Alien prequel on the way.  The story will be set in 2085 which is about 30 years before the original movie and will focus on planet terraforming from the Weyland Corporation the precursor of the Weyland-Yutani Corp.

Ridley Scott himself speaks to MTV right here and the good news is that Ridley agrees that the classic H.R. Giger’s Xenomorph design has possibly become to well known and this time around we will probably see them again, but Scott is also considering working again with Giger on some new alien designs.

With the Aliens franchise only living on these days in the very disappointing Aliens Vs Predator franchise, the logical step was to step backwards and take a look at the universe before Ripley.  This also should give Scott less headaches with having to match stories, story lines and even being able to cut out Ripley who had definitely run her course after Alien Resurrection.

More news on the Alien prequel right here as we get it.