X-Men Origins – Wolverine, Cast Photo and news


With the release date for this summer’s re-entry to the X-Men universe looming close, the marketing for X-Men Origins – Wolverine is sure to be ramped up to insane levels. In reality this film doesn’t require that much marketing, with a solid fan base from the comics and the very successful series, it’s doubtful Wolverine will fail regardless of the quality of the movie, and so far that is becoming a highly discussed topic.

First Showing via Aint it Cool posted this picture of the cast and I though it would be rude not to share it here, for you all to see. Lets step through the cast here starting from the left, with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, a character that Reynolds and David S Goyer have been trying to get their own movie for, call me stupid but I think having Deadpool in this movie is a way to start the possibility for a full blown movie. Next is Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, one of the more popular X-Men characters finally being brought to the big screen. Moving along we have Hugh Jackman as the title character and well known adamantanium clawed Wolverine. A big character in the movie, Liev Schreiber steps in as Sabretooth, bringing some acting chops to the role that was previously played by Tyler Mane, who did want to reprise his role in this movie. Lynn Collins is the last in the line up as Silver Fox, another healing/regeneration character, but this time through artificial rather than natural means, and an important character in the movie.

Lost of gossip has been surfacing due to the re-shoots that the film has been going through. While it’s very worrying that they haven’t got it right, I think it’s much better to get the scenes re-shot and get the movie up to standard for the fans. Hugh Jackman actually responded to the re-shooting buzz explaining that it was more to do with actor scheduling issues rather than the need to re-shoot and hats of for him to doing that. Hopefully its true because Jackman always seems genuine about his love of this character because one duff movie here and they could effectively kill the franchise of Wolverine and also the potential of more X-Men movies and character spin offs.