The Nines – Nine minute clip and details


The Nines first came to light at the Sundance film festival earlier this year, and after seeing a nine minute clip (get what they did there,) from the start of the movie, it looks pretty intreuging. The movie follows 3 seperate stories, featuring 3 different characters, but all played by Ryan Reynolds. The clip thats available now shows the first story where we follow what looks like a heartbroken tv actor who decides to ease his pain by getting high on some crack, causing his life some damage in the process by causing a big scene.

From what i can gather from what ive seen so far, it plays like a quirkly humorous drama, with some movie referancing, sharp cuts, fast pacing and a nice amount of artistic license. So far the offical news on the plot is that the 3 short stories are different but merge and overlap at places, the 9 minute clip thats around at the moment, ends just as the first story title rolls, ‘The Prisoner’ which gives some clues to the chilling but funny references just before. The second story is ‘Reality Television’ and folows a documentary style program that tracks the crew of a network drama that includes Reynolds character. Finally the third story ‘Knowing follows a videogame designer and his family when they get into trouble in the woods and decisions have to be made.

It remains to be seen if The Nines will live up to the good opinion its got at the moment it certainly looks like a quirky little movie, and it should be out starting from the end of August.

You can view the 9 minute clip of the nines at ifilm here

If you want more information on the movie visit here