The Kingdom, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Dark Knight – Posted


Today we have another mix of posters for you, covering animation remakes of old tv cartoons, serious action dramas and the return of the most popular comic to movie character.

First up is the title poster for The Kingdom starring Jamie Fox and Jennifer Garner. This movie looks like an out and out action thriller, but is reported to be pretty good with some nice plot lines and situations arising, direction is handled by Peter Berg.

Moving on to Alvin and the Chipmunks, which is an old children’s cartoon that i remember myself from a good few years ago. Well those singing chipmunks Alvin Simon and Theodore are back in 3d animation this time. I wonder how high pitched those voices are going to be.

And with some controversy we end with a Dark Knight poster, i’m not sure if its an official one, but it looks pretty solid to me. Warner Bros. have given little to nothing away about this movie yet, other than the basic characters and cast list and a few official promo pictures and trailer. As the release date for The Dark Knight is still a way off this is probably a good thing, so what do you think official poster or not?

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