The Joneses – Movie Trailer and Preview


The Joneses is an upcoming comedy drama focusing on The Joneses of course, who are more than just your average neighbours.  The Joneses are actually a family who work for a marketing company and who have a natural aptitude for promotion and selling, using undercover and viral techniques to pitch luxury good to their new neighbours.

The Joneses is a feature written and directed by Derrick Borte and it’s also his first movie, having previously working in commercial directing which I’m sure had an impact on the idea for the Joneses.  Heading up the cast here are David Duchovny and Demi Moore playing the parents of the Jones family living their perfect product filled lives.

So far the reviews for The Joneses have been pretty solid and while it actually first aired at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival it’s finally getting a limited release in April of this year.  Personally I’m looking forward to checking this movie out, and you can take a look at the trailer for it below.