The Happening – Posted Special


This week we have another Posted special. This time it’s on the upcoming flick, The Happening. We are looking at three of the promotional posters for the upcoming film.

One of the most anticipated movies of the moment is M Night Shayalaman’s new movie, The Happening. It’s not your typical blockbuster movie even though Shayalaman seems to appeal to quite a wide audience, and with The Happening it would be good to see a return to form for the director of past hits such as The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and The Signs.

So onto the designs, the first poster for The Happening was vague and in my opinion not that great, washed out colours, abandoned cars and no people in sight it was a pretty desolate view. This was the first poster however so a lot of things can be forgiven, with them not having all the visuals in place and looking for something intentionally vague to pique some early interest.

The second two posters both have more common design features and this time round they feature the lead stars and more going on in general. I prefer these two designs over the original, although they lack the truly desolate and empty feeling that the first poster had, they both have an eerie quality. After seeing the trailers for The Happening all the contained scenes looked pretty busy and densely populated with people, so the third poster appears more true and representative of the film itself, although the second is definately the most commercial with both stars huddled in an empty street.

If you’re interested in getting some more information on The Happening then you can take a visit over at the official site. It has some detailed plot notes on the film and a whole load of other extras. You can visit The Happening site here.

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