The Descent Part 2 – Trailer


The Descent was one of the most edge of your seat tense movies that I’ve watched and while i was biting my nails to pieces i was also unable to stop watching and by the end of that year it was probably my most recommended movie to anyone who hadn’t seen it.  The Descent actually went down pretty well everywhere and for a low budget English movie directed by Neil Marshall it did great business which of course means that the inevitable sequel was always a possibility.

And here in lies my problem the Descent was such a self contained one off movie that to even pull out a sequel just seems like it’s really milking the success of the first movie, but i guess i shouldn’t judge so quickly and that means that reluctantly i’m going to have to watch the Descent Part Two just to see if they managed to make a decent movie.  Good points to note are that Shauna Macdonald reprises her role from the first movie.

From the look of the trailer it still appears to be set in the same set of underground caves the first movie was and we get glimpses of the revealed creatures in there, which was the whole shock value of the first movie, so now i’m wondering what is the bigger shock for this movie or what is the real shock revelation they are going to pull out on us.  If you like the first movie you should take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think, and if you haven’t seen the first movie yet, do not, i repeat do not watch the trailer, and quickly go rent a copy of the original movie first.