The Dark Knight, the Joker and Batman & Speed Racer – Posted


This week we have a mix of new posters, including the 2 new Dark Knight posters that finally look the part. The previous posters for the Dark Knight have been a mix of bad and worse, with all of them being appetizers for the main dish. These 2 new posters, one for Batman and one for the Joker are much more capable. With a whole load of detail and great use of colour on each these posters are finally hitting the mark. With so much news coverage about on all things Batman related we’ll leave it there for the time being and move onto the next poster.

Speed Racer is a due for release in 2008 around May time, with a solid cast that includes Emile Hirsch in the title role of Speed Racer with Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox and John Goodman backing it up. Speed Racer is based on a classic Japanese cartoon series from back in the 1960’s and has now had the big screen treatment courtesy of the Wachowski brothers, Andy and Larry. This new update is a full on colour saturated roller coaster ride in total contrast to their previous movies, but appears to make plentiful use of CGI, as you would expect from the Wachowski’s.

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