The American starring George Clooney – Movie Trailer


The American is a story about a master assassin Jack played by George Clooney who after a troublesome job in Sweden decides that his next job will be his very last. The American is directed by Anton Corbijn and is adapted from a 1990 novel A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth, it also stars Bruce Altma, Irina Workaround and Thekla Reuten.

Personally I love a good assassin movie, but that is the problem, there really aren’t that many good assassin flicks out there, Le Femme Nikita, Leon, Grosse Point Blank, the Bourne movies and the El Mariachi movies are all exceptions to this rule and hopefully The American will join them.

The Pacing and story seems to be deeper than your traditional action/assassin flick and with the added bonus of the last job syndrome The American could just prove to be a worthy addition to the genre when it gets released on the 31st of September 2010.

You can judge for yourself and take a look at the trailer for The American below.