Tekken Live Action Movie News


Tekken the live action movie adaptation of the classic Namco video game is all set to be released early November 2009.  For fans of the fighting game series Tekken this movie is probably long overdue, and has been a massive franchise now since the first game release back in 1994.

The movie follows the character of Jin Kazamu who is afflicted with a devil in his soul and the story follows his journey to rid himself of it.  Tekken is set in the year 2039 where the world is currently ruled by large corporation and to keep the population boom in check one of the corporation sponsors the Iron First tournament where fighters battle to the death until just one winner is left standing and receives fame and fortune for their effects.  Kazaumu joins the tournament in an attempt to inflict revenge upon one of the corporation bosses who is organizing the tournament and thinks competing in the tournament is the best way to get close.

One thing Tekken is doing right is that the cast is littered with actual martial arts fighters playing the characters along with traditional actors who have experience in fighting too.  Among these are former Strikeforce Champion Cung Le, Luke Goss and WWE and former strongman competitor Nathon Jones.

Tekken is due out at some point in November we think, although no final release date has been set yet.  The premiere is set to go down on the 5th and the films release it being timed to tie in with the release of Tekken 6 the video game.  Hopefully the movie is going to be an improvement on previous video game to movie adaptations from the past, yes Street Fighter movies I’m talking about you!