Sweeney Todd – Tim Burton is back


Sweeney Todd started out as a stage musical, now it’s due to be a film, out in December this year. Director Tim Burton is handling the movie with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the lead roles, with support provided by Sacha Baron Cohen, so we have a stylish director and a talented cast on board.

Sweeney Todd is a movie that has that Tim Burton look and while this isn’t going to be a movie I expect ill watch straight away, I’m kind of intrigued to know what its going to be like, I mean with all the main stars singing away its going to be interesting even though its not normally the kind of movie i would watch.

I expect that its going to have that effect on any of the Tim Burton fans out there but they should often expect the unexpected from him as his work is diverse and varied, while still sharing visuals that instantly mark it out from the typical Hollywood pack.

So an operatic musical about a demon barber set in Victorian London how well is it going to do at the box office?