Surfwise Special – Posted


This week once again we have a trio of posters, but for a change they are all focusing on one movie, Surfwise. Surfwise is a documentary following the life of Dorian ‘Doc’ Paskowitz and his third wife and family, which included 9 children, 8 boys and 1 girl all living in a single motor home and living a complete surfing existence. The whole story is made more interesting by the fact that Dorian Pastowitz was a fully trained and working medical doctor who because disillusioned with his whole situation. This prompted him into changing his life and the life of his family completely, as the whole crew would surf everyday with learning, school and study put quite heavily on the backburner.

The posters for Surfwise are artistic and creative and don’t suffer from the typical Hollywood poster treatment. With bright bold colours, rough pencil lines, solid tonal compositions and handwritten lettering, the Surfwise poster are easy on the eye and catchy for the very reason they are not the norm.

Surfwise is due for release in early May 2008, definitely one I will be itching to see.

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