Smokin Aces 2 – Assasin’s Ball Movie Trailer


Smoking Aces 2 – Assasin’s Ball is all set to hit DVD, Blu Ray and Digital Download on January the 19th and is despite the title actually a prequel to the origional Smokin Aces.  The prequel follows one of the gangs the Tremours from the original movie including newcomer Autumn Reeser as the movie centers on the assisination of an FBI agent played by Tom Berenger where everyone is out to get him.  Also starring in the movie is Tommy Flanagan, Clayne Crawford and Vinnie Jones in what looks like an action packed movie that picks up where the last one left off.

Directing Smoking Aces 2 is P J Pesce who we last saw handling the also direct to DVD Lost Boys – The Tribe, so if you havent caught it yet you can take a look at the trailer for Smoking Aces 2 – Assasin’s Ball below and post any thoughts you have in the comments section below.