Sherlock Holmes trailer Guy Ritchie style


Guy Ritchie’s reinvention of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has a new trailer out, and it is pretty full on! This re-invention of the Sherlock Holmes saga is depicted as a new portrayal of the eccentric character with Downey reported to be playing Holmes with more emphasis on this physical abilities and bohemian nature as oppose to the thinker we have previously seen in earlier adaptations.


Jude Law takes on the roll of Dr Watson, who is also being played in a new way taking more cues from his past a war veteran.  Rachel McAdams is also starring in the new Sherlock Holmes movie playing Irene Adler who throughout the movie earns the respect of Holmes by eventually winning him over with her charms and nature.  McAdams was reported to be championed by Downey to play the role, and should bring a sense of glamor to the movie.


The trailer looks great, and in typical Guy Ritchie fashion its full of action and witty lines with a strong narration laid over the top.  Sherlock Holmes is being distributed by Warner Bros.  and is due for release on the 25th of December this year.  You can take a look at the very fine trailer over here at Yahoo Movies.