Sam Mendes rumoured to be the next Bond director


Good news for the Bond franchise, well possibly good news, with Sam Mendes rumoured to be in the running for the directing mantle on the next James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is returning once again in a role he has successfully made his own, after an explosive start in the brilliant Casino Royale and a decent outing in the slightly lacking Quantum of Solace.

It was the Hollywood Reporter that broke the news that Mendes is in talks to direct the latest movie and with production already in the pipeline and I’m sure that Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli the films producers will be keen to make sure the third movie is a return to form for the Bond Movies in its 23rd outing.

I actually would love to see what Mendes can do with the franchise, even though he’s not an action movie director that’s not really important i’m sure Mendes has someone who will steer him on those scenes and the story is really just as important which is what Mendes does really well.

More news on James Bond 23 as and when we get it, the real question is what are they going to call it?

Article by - Alan Dalton

Posted on - January 9th, 2010

Source - Hollywood Reporter

Categories: Main Movie News
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