Riddick Franchise Back on Track


News has broke on the third movie in the Riddick franchise from writer director David Twohy and starring Vin Diesel as the anti hero Riddick. Diesel himself posted the news on his Facebook page stating that location scouting for the third movie in the series has begun which is good news for sci fi fans.

Dark Horizons broke the story here, and it seems that Twohy has also finished the script with this movie coming in closer to the budget of Pitch Black rather than The Chronicles of Riddick which makes sense as the overblown budget on the second movie ultimately halted and slowed the production on the third. With fans of this genre usually watching the movie you can almost guarantee that it will make similar money to the second movie and if they keep the budget tight then they can easily run into the a good profit and possibly look to move onto a fourth movie. More news on this one as it arrives.