Resident Evil Extinction news


The 3rd Resident evil movie is in the works, produced by video game to movie veteran Paul WS Anderson. It reprises Milla Jovanovich as Alice once again (actually in the first movie her character didn’t even have a name) battling against those living dead folk with bad skin conditions.

The tag line of the movie is ‘they just keep coming’ very appropriate for a zombie movie that according to some sources is expected to borrow elements from the Code Veronica game. The movie was announced by Screen gems not long after Apocalypse screened in 2005.

Solid information on Resident Evil Extinction is scarce at the moment so lets delve into the world of zombies. In no way i am responsible for the following information, due to the fact that i’m not a Zombie historian or in fact a zombie. So zombie history is believed to originate from Voodoo tradition where the zombies are not themselves. They are brainwashed by spells and potions mixed from ancient recipes that puts them into a abnormal state of living, but this bears little resemblance to the zombies we see i’m movies and films. These zombies share the physical problems of not really knowing where they are and have a craving for human flesh. First appearing in a movie called ‘White Zombie’ by Victor Halperin in 1932.

Well If you ever fear for your life from zombies, or feel that your friends, relatives and co workers may in fact be a zombie, you should consider reading the very very very serious ‘Zombie Survival Guide’ by Max Brooks. Or just follow my simple instructions to surviving a night with the living dead, for this you need to wear fully body armour everywhere you go, never stand in a corner, always have at least 3 exits from any room and never sleep, simple!.

Resident Evil Extinction is expected to be released on September 21st 2007 in the Us, UK & Canada with the rest of the world following after.