Once – Musical Award Winner


Once is a movie that is riding on the back of film festival success and from what everyone is saying about this movie is that is it really something special. Once is a story about two musicians, a guy and a girl, he is a guitarist/singer and she is a pianist, they meet by chance and help each other out with their musical aspirations and work through their past loves as they work on the dream of landing music contracts.

I saw an interview with the two cast members this weekend and they came across well, talking about who was set to star in the film before them. Both are musicians who stepped up to the challenge of learning a new, albeit related medium. They seemed really pleased and proud of the movie, which helps sell it a little more. Made for a real shoestring budget and in a really short timescale, Once is a movie I’m really looking forward too from the short clips and interviews I’ve seen. Aftern winning 2 of its awards in the audience voted category at film festivals this year, it wont have to pull in much at the box office to break even.