Night Watch – Rewind



Nightwatch was and still is a good looking movie, with stylish lighting, design and special effects. Hailing from Russia, Nightwatch is a blockbuster mythology/vampire movie that is adapted from a series of famous books. With an already well written and thought out world the director of Nightwatch Timur Bekmambetov seems to have been able to devote time to the acting, art direction and special effects and it proves to be a great combination of style and substance.

In Nightwatch we follow the story of Anton, an Other with special powers who works for the side of light. The light ones battle the dark ones (bet you didn’t see that coming), it’s like a balancing act and in this the first in the proposed trilogy, we follow the characters from the Nightwatch, who keep an eye on the dark ones/ vampires to make sure they don’t break the agreed laws between the two factions in the night time. When the rules get broken the other side is allowed to bring them to justice although in this world the black and white is distinctly grey.

While Nightwatch is not your typical vampire movie, it still will appeal to that market and also to the more mainstream market. With good acting, fast pacing and great visual style, Nightwatch is the Russian blockbuster movie that only made a smallish dent over here in the United Kingdom and also in the United States. If you can keep up with the story, and like the idea of a slightly deeper supernatural movie than your typical vampire fare, then get yourself a copy of Nightwatch.