New Angels and Demons behind the scenes video from ABC


If you want to learn more about the upcoming Ron Howard directed sequel to the Da Vinci Code which is actually a prequel in its book form, then ABC has a tidy little behind the scenes video on the upcoming Angels and Demons. So the lesser known prequel story, Angels and Demons is all set for a May 15th, 2009 release and i’m wondering if it will be able to capitalize on the popularity of the Da Vinci Code’s in both it’s book and movie form.

You can take a look at the ABC video that goes behind the scenes here at Movieweb. If you like your viral promotion too, then Angels and Demons has a viral site, its called, i had a look and to be honest i couldn’t find anything there except a looping type cam image with what looks like a countdown. If you want to check it out its here, and if you manage to work out what it’s all about please let me know.