National Treasure 2, Iron Man and No Country for Old Men – Posted


This week were bringing you another comic book to movie adaptation in the form of Ironman, we have sequel updates with Walt Disney’s follow up National Treasure – The Book of Secrets. Finally we have a new Coen Brothers movie with an interesting cast.

National Treasure was a big hit for Disney back in 2004, it was the family friendly action adventure movie with a bit of something in there for everyone. So no surprise that a sequel is in the works, just a surprise it took this long. All the cast are returning for the second movie entitled The Book of Secrets, its due out early next year.

Ironman is due out summer 2008, along with all the other comic book adaptations including The Dark Knight and the Hulk Sequel. It seems for every good comic book movie you have to endure a few stinkers, this year is going to be no exception im sure. As i’ve mentioned before though i’m a big fan of the Ironman design style and the poster is great too.

Finally the Coen Brothers are back with a new movie No Country for Old Men. I know pretty little about this movie but its a thriller based on a book, with a cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Kelly MacDonald and Josh Brolin. One to keep your eyes out for the Coen’s often turn out stylish and well paced movies.

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