Mr Bean’s Holiday – Review


Mr Bean’s holiday has more mishaps than anyone else’s holiday, but this is the price you pay for being Mr Bean. Things often go wrong but you rely on ingenious solutions to resolve your problems. So Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is back for a big screen outing, and this time he’s off on holiday to France, which means there is lots of badly spoken French, some new friends and lots of upset people. We follow Bean as he makes his way to France, of course this is never going to be a simple journey and run smoothly.

The Formula of Bean remains largely unchanged from its original format as a TV show, and it still works in a clever slapstick fashion. Lots of things that really shouldn’t go wrong do go wrong usually to pretty humorous effect and lots of laughing. Its a broad kind of humor and one that should appeal to a large audience, Its a film that is very much silent and the talking is kept to a minimum in favor of finely crafted scenes.

The cast is largely excellent; Rowan Atkinson is excellent as bean in a role that I can’t imagine anyone else with the possible exception of Lee Evans (if they were to make a new Bean movie, how cool would it be to have Evans playing a relative of Bean?) The cast of supporting French actors and actresses are excellent as well including Beans young friend left stranded on a train (Preston Nyman) and Sabine played by Emma De Caunes who adds life into the last third of the film driving a mini just like Bean’s as they go on a road trip.

Overall Mr Bean’s Holiday is great fun, a throwaway film for all ages.