Meet the Spartans – Review


Meet the Spartans takes the hit 2007 summer movie 300, and takes a few swipes at it for laughs, and at a few other people along the way. Meet the Spartans has a cast that includes former UK soap actor Sean McGuire in the leading role, with Carmen Electra as his wife and support from Kevin Sorbo. If you’ve seen any of the scary movie films you will have a good idea what to expect from this. We get a few topical figures added into the Spartan world from cartoon characters to famous pop star look-alikes, and then they get to join in the fun, or be made fun off.

Meet the Spartans actually starts off quite good, with some funny bits, including baby six packs, the judges of American idol getting some Spartan justice and some Penguin fighting action. The movie looks okay, but after a movie like 300 and its spectacular visual style, Meet the Spartans does come off looking a little bit cheap.

I totally lost interest in Meet the Spartans after about 20 minutes, don’t get me wrong, some of it was funny and entertaining; I just felt that the good jokes were perhaps at the start and even those weren’t great. 300 was already quite a vacuous movie that was dominated by action, strong visuals and pinpoint shot battles, in Meet the Spartans you lose both of the major selling points of 300, they would have been wiser to choose a more story weighted film to knock off. The verdict is out, save your money, and your brain and give Meet the Spartans a miss.