MacGruber – Movie News and Trailer


The latest Saturday Night Live sketch to get the full movie treatment is MacGruber starring Will Forte as a special operations agent parodying the well known TV show MacGyver. It’s been a long wait since the sketch first aired in 2006 for it to be brought to the big screen but now it is the movie is jam packed with stars and is being touted as the best SNL sketch to movie, since Wayne’s World.

Will Forte the star of the show is a long time writer, actor and comedian, having worked on everything from the Late Show to providing voices on the video game Grand Theft Auto. Also starring in MacGruber are regulars from the tv show Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, and newcomers Ryan Phillipe, Val Kiler and Powers Boothe.

We have the trailer for MacGruber right here for you to peruse and while it doesn’t currently offer any serious laugh out loud moments it definitely raises a few sly smiles and looks as though its going to be pretty entertaining and funny in a rather low key way.