Lost Boys 3 – Lost Boys Sequel News


Not sure how i missed this one before, but Lost Boys 3 is all set to start filming this month in South Africa, were we will see the return of Edgar Frog played by Corey Feldman along with the other Frog brother played by Jamison Newlander. This time Lost Boys 3 or Lost Boys – The Thirst will be based around the two Frog brothers rather than rehashing the original like they did with Lost Boys – The Tribe.

I saw the second Lost Boys movie just because i liked the original and i wasn’t overly impressed, it pretty much rehashed the story from the original with different characters, so i’m glad to head that in the 3rd movie they are focusing on what sounds to be a new story in another straight to DVD release. You can read our review of Lost Boys 2 here

So what do you think, would you, do you want to see another Lost Boys movie, or have they milked it enough with the disappointing second movie?