Live Free or Die Hard – Review


McClain is back Living free and dying harder, yes Live Free or Die Hard is the latest, the fourth movies in the Die Hard series, which sees old school world domination plan spoling John McClain back in action. Die hard was were Bruce Willis got his big action break and the movies have always done well and been pretty good action movies, well Live Free or Die Hard is right up there with them.

The cast consists of some up and coming talent, including the beautiful Maggie Q, the very witty Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant provides a suitably driven bad guy, Cliff Curtis plays the government man with a lot on his plate, top this off with a Cameo role from Kevin Smith the cast is very contemporary and well chosen. Justin Long provides good witty humor to play off against Bruce Willis straight act. One thing you should be aware of with this movie is it features more action per minute than most movies, it often lets up just long enough so that your ready for the next action set piece, and all of them are suitably unique, varied and brilliantly done.

Live Free or Die Hard , does exactly what’s expected and more, for those who forgot what the series is about are due to be reminded why this is the 4th movie, because it has a winning formula and live free doesn’t stray from this. By bringing a fresh cast, good pacing and direction, Live Free or Die Hard ticks all the big summer movie boxes.