Live Free or Die Hard News


Back with a new title, the latest movie in the Die Hard Franchise is titled Live Free or Die Hard. John McClane is back most likely in a vest, hoping to ruin some criminal masterminds day. The story has been brought screaming up to date with the target this time a computer network system in the US.

There isn’t a whole lot of detail around at the moment but we do know a few things, names are being thrown about that this Die Hard will introduce John Mcclane’s son and several other actors names have been confirmed for the movie. Direction is by Len Wiseman who you might know from the 2 Underworld movies, and of course Bruce Willis is back as John McClane.

So the trailer is out you can see it at Yahoo movies – Live free or die hard trailer page

Live Free or Die Hard is currently pencilled in for a end of June 2007 release date, get your blood stained vest’s at the ready.