Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout – Movie Trailer


Whiteout is an upcoming movie based on the comic book of the same name and stars Kate Beckinsale in the lead role as a US deputy marshall assigned to Antarctica to investigate a recent murder with only three days before the full antarctic winter rolls in.  Beckinsale’s character crosses paths in the antarctic with a UN officer played by Gabriel Macht also investing the murder which leads to conflict and intrigue in solving what has happened in the snowy wasteland.

Whiteout has a few things in it’s favour, it’s set in a snowy environment which is always a plus point for any movie, ever since John Carpenter’s The Thing settings like this always have some appeal except of course if you live in a an environment like this in which case you probably don’t want to see any more snow.

Whiteout is due to be released on September the 11th this year and looks like a nice little end of summer thriller movie, if your not convinced be sure to take a look at the trailer below and make up your own mind.