Jumper, Strange Wilderness & Earth – Posted


Jumper is another movie to be adapted from a book of the same title by Steven Gould. Jumper is a science fiction story based around certain humans ‘Jumpers’ who can teleport and travel from place to place. The story follows David Rice a young man played by Hayden Christiansen, who discovers he has this genetic abnormality the ability to jump. As he learns more about his power he discovers it has been around for centuries and that a war is raging. The rest of the cast includes Jamie Bell and Samuel L Jackson, with direction from Doug Liman of Mr And Mrs Smith and the Bourne Identity fame. Due out around February 2008.

Strange Wilderness follows two tv hosts from the show ‘Strange Wilderness’ who in an attempt to bump up their flagging ratings go off in search of one of the great mythological creatures, the Big foot. Strange Wilderness looks like a funny movie that i would probably lump in the same camp as the movie Without a Paddle. Just looking at the poster should tell you this is going to be a goofy comedy and with Steve Zahn and Justin Long on board it could be okay.

Earth is a document, i am presuming about Earth. To be honest i don’t know much about this movie but the poster is stylish and interesting and as soon as i have more news on it, it will be up here.

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