Jumper – Review


Jumper is a movie, where some people have powers, special powers that allow them to ‘jump’. If your can jump you can teleport from place to place, as long as you’ve been there before, or you can see it. However being able to jump draws attention to you from the Paladins, a religious faction that have been at war with jumpers since medieval times. Hayden Christensen plays David Rice, a kid who realizes that he has the power to jump, leaving his life and first love behind, he forges an impressive life for himself by robbing banks using his jumping skills. This draws attention to him from the Paladins led by Roland, played by Samuel L Jackson. The paladins know the bank robber must be a jumper from the evidence and start to track down David Rice.

Direction is handled by Doug Liman who you should know from the Bourne Identity, Mr & Mrs Smith and Swingers. Jumper does looks good, if a little generic, the actual jumping special effects are solidly done, and the acting is fine for this kind of movie, with Christensen and Rachel Bilsen turning in the most convincing performances. Samuel L Jackson once again has a different hairstyle and I can’t help but think its unnecessary and rather odd looking, but he is a well known name and adds some weight to the leader of the paladins. The movie isn’t quite as fast paced as you might expect and manages to cram a whole lot into the running time.

I was pleasantly surprised with Jumper, while the movie is nothing special, it’s no turkey and perfect fodder for the younger generation.