Julia Roberts and Clive Owen star in Duplicity


Duplicity is a film that looks to be set in the cat and mouse/con man tradition we have seen before in plenty of films and stories. Most recently made popular in the Ocean’s trilogy, which also happens to share one of the stars of Duplicity in Julia Roberts who plays a corporate spy in a large pharmaceutical company, opposite Clive Owen who works for another pharmaceutical company and is conveniently also a spy. This builds the premise of the movie as Owen and Roberts team up to put the con on their respective firms, using their positions to give them an advantage against the corporate beasts.

Duplicity is written and directed by Tony Gilroy who was most recently involved as director and writer on Michael Clayton, and has written a whole host of movies scripts before deciding to turn his hand to directing too.

I love films that have this vibe to them, and duplicity seems to be quite light in tone with a lot of cat and mouse play that keeps you wondering how the story is going to pan out. Throw in two watchable actors in Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, add some great support from Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamonatti as the company bosses, and top off with a writer/director whose CV goes from penning The Devils Advocate to the adaptation of the Bourne screenplays, and you’ve got to be a little bit excited about Duplicity.

You can view the full trailer over here at the apple.