JJ Abrams Star Trek is Looking for the unique


JJ Abrams new star trek movie has a lot of buzz about it, rumour of returning actors from previous Star Trek movies and tv shows? Who is cast who isn’t, is Abrams gonna bring his magic Star Trek? Well i’m not a massive Star Trek fan but i know there are a lot of you out there and personally i’m excited to see it just because JJ Abrams is on board, his previous work has always impressed me and if the magic comes again this could be a really good movie.

Over at the Guardian they have an interesting story for Star Trek fans. Do you have funny shaped features, wide set eyes or a extremely long neck? Well Abrams Star Trek producers are looking for you, ha-ha yes they want to cast some unique looking people for the new Star Trek movie. Their only real stipulation is that you must be thin and fit, because they’ll be squeezing you into some nice figure hugging Lycra, excited? Go read the rest of the story in the link below.

Guardian reports on Star Trek looking for unique people.