I Am Legend – The last man on earth


I Am Legend is a project that’s been around for years and years, based on a Novel that has already spawned two previous movies, The Last Man on Earth and Omega Man, I Am Legend is the third movie based on Richard Matheson’s story. The film is based around the premise that a virus, intended to cure cancer that has inadvertently wiped out most of the human race. Will Smiths character is the last healthy man on earth where creatures born from the virus now inhabit the planet.

Filmed in New York I am legend is a vast project that the studios have attempted to bring to the screen in a modern incarnation many times before with little success, the last attempt was before 28 days later was released and Will Smith was already on board at that point. Since then directors and writers have changed and after names such as Arnold Shawnee, ridley Scott and Micheal Bay being attached to the story this up to date version is due out soon.

I am Legend could be a really good dark movie, I for one would love to see them explore this idea in a dark way, minus the stereotypical Hollywood ending. However I’m not sure that’s the route they will go down, 28 days later was very dark and tackled a lot of the themes in this kind of situation, yet still settled for an open ending. Will I am Legend do they same, or will they see this kind of premise through to its maximum potential.