I Am Legend, Fred Claus, Before the Devil Knows your Dead – Posted


I am Legend is a movie that is a Will smith movie, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to dislike it, but he often seems to have more control over his movies that other stars, which means that it will most likely be tightly organized and fitting for the Will Smith brand. So don’t expect any nasty twists or turns, Will Smith character will definitely survive to the end of the movie, most of the actors involved will definitely be less famous than Will Smith, he will no doubt save the day and there will be opportunity for a sequel here. It sounds like I don’t much care for the this movie but I do like a few Will Smith movies, I’m just usually put off them initially, because I know that I shouldn’t be expecting anything that is too groundbreaking or really going to make me go wow.

So with that out of the way lets move on to some interesting facts about the movie from Imbd.

The script and movie idea has been around for a good while now, with it originally going to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ridley Scott movie back around 1994. That would have been very interesting to see what Ridley Scott would have got out of Schwarzenegger

Guillermo del Toro the director of Hellboy, Devils backbone and Pan’s Labryinth turned down the directing role and was actually Will Smith’s first choice for the film.

Christmas movies are a regular yearly thing and they more often that not aren’t that original, but this should come as no surprise and Fred Claus is the first poster for one I’ve seen this year. I know very little about this movie except it stars Vince Vaughan as Santa Claus’s less successful brother, with cameos from Rachel Weisz and with Paul Giamatti taking on the role of Santa. I expect it will be out in all good cinemas for Christmas time.

Before the devil knows your dead, doesn’t give you anything from the poster except that the designer had a penchant for old school art design and that the movie itself might be a bit of a throwback. The hard facts however are that Before the devil knows your dead is a crime caper which has a interesting cast including Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Albert Finney and Marisa Tomai. It follows the story of two brothers, Hawke and Hoffman who mean to pull of the perfect crime, but as is often the case the best laid plans don’t always go smoothly.

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