Hood of Horrors Movie Review


Hood of Horror is a hip hop horror anthology fronted by Snoop Dog and features three stories from the ghetto which are bookended by Snoop himself. The first story follows a young girl Posie played by Daniella Alonso who is a graffiti tagger who finds a way to get revenge on the other taggers who graffiti over her work.

The second story follows a white couple Tex and Tiffany who get a rather large inheritance from Tex’s father but have a few stipulations before they can get their hands on it. They must live with a group of black war vets who the couple refuse to get on with, which causes more than a few problems in this new family.

In the final story we follow a rapper SOD played by Pooch Hall who got his fame and adoration that he desired but might just have played a few dirty tricks to get it. When he is confronted by a mysterious woman who takes him through some of his actions and gives him the warning that his actions will have consequences.

As far as horror anthologies go, this one definitely puts a little spin on the traditional settings but it carries a lot of the base themes that most other do, that the decisions in life often lead to various consequences that you may not like. Compared to the last anthology I saw Trick ‘R Treat, Hood of Horror just doesn’t match up, in mood tone or style. If your a fan of Snoop however, your bound to get a kick out of this, even though he only bookends the various stories. Throw in a couple of really cool deaths, some rather wooden acting and you have an anthology that doesn’t come close to the best one’s in the genre, unfortunately.