Hitman poster and news


The new Hitman poster is looking very sharp and managed to catch my attention when I first saw it. The poster is viewable in full size at the bottom of the post, judge for yourself whether it is a movie seller.

Nothing about this video game to movie adaptation has gripped my attention so far, maybe because i’m slightly jaded from all the previous video game adaptations that well have been well under par. If you have seen any of the ones in recent years you may feel the same, only a couple have really been watchable, and most have been somewhat played for laughs.

Hitman’s story follows our anti-hero Agent 47(Timothy Olphant) and he is a wanted man, by the Russian Army and Interpol. This is due to the fact that Agent 47 is employed by a shadowy organization only know as the ‘The Agency’ who use his in-demand skills to remove targets. The hitman lifestyle embroils him in a political story, which follows him travelling across Europe.

Assassins in the movies have been quite popular, we’ve had quite a lot of then over recent years, and even whole movies based about them. The current box office leader in takings in Mr and Mrs Smith, do you think Hitman is enough of a sharp shooter to take out that crown?

Hitman is out in most places starting from Mid-October.

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