Halloween, Bee Movie & The Spirit – Posted


We have 3 posters lined up right here with a nice mix of styles and genre’s. From classic horror movie remakes by contemporary cult directors, to comic voiced animation and finishing up with another Frank Miller to Movie Adaptation with a little twist.

First up is the title image the remake of the classic 1978 movie Halloween. This one is directed by Cult icon Rob Zombie and i think its a solid looking poster with muted colours and a nice mix of photo and graphic styles.

Next up is Bee Movie, an animated feature starring Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger among other big names. The poster is a lesson in that you don’t try to make faux 3d letters into actual 3d letters, if you do you’ll end up with your perspectives all wrong as highlighted in this Bee Movie poster. Of course being a cutesy animation movie it can get away with it, nice catch line at the bottom too.

Finally we end with what is surely a very early poster for the Frank Miller adaptation of The Spirit directed by the man himself. A very cool graphic poster, and we will have more news on The Spirit as and when it breaks.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images