Green lantern Casting News and Characters


With the Green Lantern all set to go now and Ryan Reynolds locked in to star as Hal Jordan the Green Lantern news is now appearing of some of the other characters that are going to be in the upcoming superhero flick.

Abin Sur has been confirmed in this movie as the one that hands the mantle of being the Green Lantern over to Hal Jordan. Sinestro appears to be in the movie in the form of a good guy, before he turns bad, being the one responsible for training Hal Jordan in his quest to become the Green lantern. The villains of the movie appear to be Legoin who poses the threat from outer space and Dr Hector Hammond being the villain causing the problems back on earth.

Carol Ferris is going to be the love interest in the movie according to and so far thats all that is out there. Shooting on the Green Lantern is due to begin in November this year and its got a release date of summer 2011 currently, so were a long way of getting to see how this movie is shaping up, but one high note to end on is that the director of The Green Lantern is Martin Campbell who you might know as being the director of the most recent two reboots of the James Bond franchise, Goldeneye and Casino Royale. Campbell is a no nonsense director who always manages to create atmosphere, tension and of course great action sequences so the movie looks to be in safe hands.