From Paris With Love – Travolta and Besson


John Travolta is due back on the big screen this time starring in French movie From Paris With Love, written by Luc Besson and Adi Hasak with influence from Pierre Morel the director of the sharp, snazzy and fast paced District B13.

Travolta stars as an American secret agent who buddies up somewhat reluctantly with embassy worker Jonathan Rhys Meyers on an important mission in the French capital Paris. Reeking of B movie goodness From Paris With Love looks like its going to bring action, cheese and Travolta having fun in what could be a full on action fun fest.

If from Paris With Love can tap into any of the Luc Besson magic and be as good as District B13 then it could be a cult DVD purchase this year. Hopefully they will be able to survive without the seriously impressive free running that was a big feature of Ban lieu 13, and managed to make it stand out from the other low budget action movies last year. So while shooting didn’t go quite as Besson planned with complaints from the Local Politicians over Bessons production company Europacorp, which tried to bring a bit of prosperity to a run down estate in France and one of the films locations. Besson was hiring local people to be extras and security workers, you’ve got to love the fact that he does things slightly differently and hasn’t let his success run away with him.

You can check out the trailer for From Paris With Love over at Cinematical here where i first heard about this one.