From Paris with Love and Halloween 2 – Posted


This week in Posted, our round up of some of the latest movie and film posters, we’re taking a look at two interesting but widly different films.  From Horror, with Rob Zombie returning behind the camera in the latest Michael Myers film, to an upcoming and very fun looking action movie co written by Luc Besson.

From Paris with Love is a movie we so far know little about, other than what you can gleam from the trailer, and the fact it stars John Travolta, and Jonathon Rhys Meyers.  With Luc Besson on board, the French multi talented star who brought us the amazing Fifth Element and has had a hand in some of the best action movies of recent years including The Transporter series and the very stylish and in some way similar looking to From Paris With Love, District B13.  From Paris with Love looks like its going to be a seriously fun film and the poster is stylish and minimalist, obviously taking some inspiration from the Bond movies, with its clever incorporation of the French landmark.

Rob Zombie returns to directing in Halloween 2 the sequel to his 2007 remake.  Zombie, didn’t want to come back for the sequel initially but after having a new script rework done, Zombie decided to step back into the directors chair for the return of Michael Myers.  The poster for the 2007 was pretty cool, and I don’t think this one quite matches up, the pose of Myers looks wooden, but all the other elements that made the first poster god are back here, including the subtle and muted color scheme which matches dull tones with some splashes of color and has a great textured quality to it.  Halloween 2 is due out in August this year.