Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards movie, starring Steve Coogan


Steven Coogan who has created and starred in some of the funniest character comedy of the last 10 years is all signed up and ready to play the amazing, Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards. Eddie the Eagle is Great Britain’s most famous ski jumper, who captured the backing and hearts of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when he went to the winter Olympics in 1988.

Although he didn’t come close to winning Eddie won a lot of fans and a lot of press coverage. His bravery in taking part in a sport he hadn’t been doing for very long won him a lot of fans, and everyone likes a underdog story.

The ski jumping results for Eddie weren’t great, but his myriad of adventures, jobs and life experiences afterwards may add some more volume to the film if they decide to use it. Eddie the Eagle got up to all kinds of things including releasing pop songs one of which went to no2 in Finland. Appearing on lots of interviews, starring on tv shows and managing other athletes and sports stars to name a few.

If its played right then they could make a good movie out of one of the most popular British winter Olympic athletes ever.