Eagle Eye Interviews and behind the scenes footage


Eagle Eye is the latest collaboration between Steven Spielberg, D. J. Caruso and Shia Lebouf who we last had working together in the thriller Disturbia. This time around their joined by Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Michael Chiklis and Billy Bob Thornton in what looked from the initial trailers to be a smart, fast paced and full on movie experience.

Due out on release soon in what is going to be a rather quiet period at the movie theatres, Eagle Eye will surely capitalize on the lack of big box office power around at this time of year. That doesn’t mean its going to be a great movie however, with its general score on Rotten Tomatoes currently running well below average.

Regardless people still seem to be highly interested perhaps due to how decent Disturbia was and Movieweb have a rather tasty Eagle Eye cast interview film with more than a few snippets from the film itself. I have to say it does look good and i still want to catch Eagle Eye at the theatres despite the low critic reception so far. You can make you own mind up and check the short film over here at Movieweb.