Diary of the Dead – Romero is back with the zombies


George Romero’s Dead series are hugely popular cult movies, and his new movie Dairy of the Dead is looking to satisfy that cult audience. Dairy of the Dead will be an independently produced movie that Romero has overseen, directed and shot within a tight budget.

IGN has notes on Romero’s speech after a recent Film4 Fright Fest London screening of the movie. Romero spoke that after the studio produced Land of the Dead, he was very keen to get back to his budget and independent roots, which is exactly what he’s done with Dairy of the Dead. Hoping to get back the commercial success that Land of the Dead didn’t have, big budget and low profit = risky, low budget and low profit = viable.

The story this time revolves around a group of young student film makers who are making a horror movie when they find themselves surrounded by the living dead. The film turns into a documentary as they record their zombie experiences.

Dairy of the Dead is due to be released around mid February 2008 and has a running time of 96 minutes, It will be distributed though Dimension pictures.

Here are some of the recent images from the upcoming Diary of the Dead
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