Crank 2 – High Voltage – movie sequel news


The star character of Crank 2, Chev Chelios, the man with a short amount of time and a lot of energy is back with a confirmed title for the sequel to 2006’s Crank. Even though I suggested Cranked as a suitable new title no one has listened and instead their going for Crank 2 – High Voltage. Well i have to say i prefer my idea for the movie title, they could even do something to make it stand out a bit like a – in the middle. And call it Crank-ed in case they were worried about it not sounding different enough.

Variety recently exposed the key to Crank 2’s story which gets even sillier when Chev Chelios gets his heart replaced by a battery powered heart that requires constant jolts of electricity to keep it ticking over. Jason Statham will be back in what looks to be every bit as silly, but just as much mindless fun as the first Crank was.