CJ7 – Stephen Chow is back soon


Stephen Chow is getting increasingly popular thanks to hit movies like Shaolin Soccer and more recently Kung Fu Hustle. Both movies featured a rather unique mix of characters and styles, combining martial arts, slapstick humour, comedy and self belief. Which is exactly the reason i’m looking forward to CJ7, Stephen Chow’s latest movie.

CJ7 is reported to be a science fiction comedy with androids, aliens and spacemen, i’m not all that bothered about the setting i’m sure it will be stylishly done as with previous Chow movies. The movie was made on a relatively low budget and filming has already finished. CJ7 is expected out in late 2007 or early 2008 but If you want to see what Stephen Chow movies are all about before this one comes out do yourself a favour and rent a copy of Shaolin soccer or Kung Fu Hustle.